I’ve been working from home since mid-March. During these months, I’ve continually upgraded my home office to make sure that I could be comfortable as I’ve significantly increased my time at this desk (which I also replaced – post about that coming soon). So here is a series that covers my work from home equipment reviews.

What I thought might be helpful, since I am now spending almost 10 hours a day in my home office, is beginning to showcase and review the equipment that I’ve used (or upgraded) to give me a comfortable, ergonomic, working environment. Hopefully, some of the things I cover will give you ideas on what you can do to upgrade your own home office even if you are not planning to work from home in the long term.

Obviously these reviews will all be based on my opinion and rating of success for the work that I do. I will also do my best to provide links to the sites/ordering options to help you explore these products as well. Most links will help The Creative Technologist by providing some kick-back if you do choose to order, however those kick-backs will NOT influence my rating. It just seems that in today’s day and age, almost every product has some sort of recommendation kick-back to help with organic and peer-to-peer marketing. So be sure to take a look and help support The Creative Technologist through your upgrades to your work from home equipment.

As you explore this work from home equipment review series, if there is anything you are curious about as a product to help you work from home, be sure to reach out on social and let me know. I love to buy new equipment and would love to help you research what equipment might help you get settled.

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