HOW Design 2017 – Saturday, Day 5

HOW Design Live 2017

Sadly, Saturday was my short day to end the conference. I could only stay for the opening keynote as I had to jump into the van and start my long and boring drive back to Houghton. Mauro Porcini – SVP and Chief Design Officer for PepsiCo This is the keynote I was waiting the entire […]

HOW Design 2017 – Friday, Day 4

AMA Logo History - HOW Design 2017

Almost to the end of the conference now. The spark session for the morning showcased Jennifer Severns, Chief Experience Officer for the American Marketing Association. She discussed the amazing task of re-branding the AMA and how it was achieved since there were over 1000 moving pieces to get that change to flow. With all the […]

HOW Design 2017 – Thursday, Day 3

HOW Design Live 2017

The morning keynote was actually very interesting and a bit shocking. Natasha Jen, Partner at Pentagam, actually talked about how she doesn’t like the concept of design thinking. She showed a few projects that she has tackled with the opposite of design thinking, just jumping in and running more affordable shock campaigns instead. It was really […]

HOW Design 2017 – Wednesday, Day 2

Starbucks Panel: HOW Design 2017

After the fun adventures of Tuesday, I got a great nights sleep and was ready to begin my first full day of HOW Design LIVE. I met up with my recently graduated student employee Harley and we tracked down a quick breakfast. Then it was time for the morning spark session and keynote. The spark […]

HOW Design 2017 – Tuesday, Day 1

HOW Design Live 2017 Opening

To begin my coverage on Day 1 of HOW Design, I have to start with my crazy adventure which started on Monday. On Monday, I was set to take the afternoon flight out of Houghton, MI to Chicago, IL. Now some background on the airport in Houghton, MI. It has one terminal. It has one […]