October 2021 Apple Event – the new MacBook Pro

Apple October 2021 Cover Image

We had all been waiting for this October Apple event since the rumors continued to poor in that a new MacBook Pro was about to be showcased. With Apple changing to smaller virtual announcement events, the products have been shifted to be showcased in shorter thematic presentations. Well yesterday, we were presented with a strange […]

October 2020 Apple Event

Alright folks, this is the Apple Event we’ve all been waiting for. What was hoped for in September has now come true for the October 2020 Apple Event – the iPhone 12 and a whole lot more. As always, I highly suggest watching the event recording, but if that is too much time to dedicate, […]

WFH Equipment Review Series: Espresso

When I started working from home, I was lucky enough to already have a basic home office setup. I had a desk that worked, a monitor setup that would get me by, and a space in my house dedicated to office work. However, a challenge that I’m sure gets overlooked by quite a few people […]

Apple Special Event – Sept. 15, 2020

Apple Special Event - Tim Cook

It was time for another exciting Apple Event on Sept. 15, 2020 as we knew some updates were coming from Apple, there just wasn’t an agreement on which ones. A lot of the rumors were that this was going to be an Apple Watch and iPad event – leaving the iPhone 12 for October. As […]

Work From Home Equipment Review Series

I’ve been working from home since mid-March. During these months, I’ve continually upgraded my home office to make sure that I could be comfortable as I’ve significantly increased my time at this desk (which I also replaced – post about that coming soon). So here is a series that covers my work from home equipment reviews.

Building Effective Teams – A Skillshare Story

Skillshare cover item for building effective teams for success course.

Recently Skillshare approached me and asked if I wanted to participate in their new Skillshare for Teams program. I of course said yes and started working with an amazing Skillshare employee to get a course put together on a short deadline. After looking through their list of potential topics, we settled that I should cover […]

My MacBook Pro Docking System

As my desktop iMac continued to age and start to show, I realized that the cost of maintaining a home computer and a laptop was really starting to bog me down. On top of dealing with software licenses, it just stopped making sense. Twice the amount of updates, dealing with syncing files, transferring photos between […]

Apple Event – September

Apple Event Screen Shot

This is the event that most of us Apple fans have been waiting for. The September Apple event usually means a focus on mobile products, specifically the long awaited iPhone 10th anniversary edition device. The rumor mill has been cranking out different ideas for months and it all came down to this event. Apple Event […]

Technology Wellness: Say What?

Going tent camping this summer made me take a look at just how connected I am. And honestly, I wasn’t happy about it. I’m a work-a-holic (by choice) but when I realized I hadn’t actually relaxed in a long time. I knew I had to make some changes. Leaving my data connection off on my phone […]

Lexar Shut Down – Say What?!?!

Lexar Logo

Yep, you sadly read that correctly. Micron, which is Lexar’s parent company, has decided to discontinue the Lexar removable storage retail business. In their company blog yesterday, they announced that they were looking to actively sell the Lexar business. From Lexar Micron Technology today announced that it is discontinuing its Lexar® retail removable media storage […]